About Us

Great American Comfort Shoes Inc. is a personal protection safety and comfort foot apparel health and wellness company. We provide safety and comfort foot apparel for working men and women who require commercial and industrial foot apparel.


We high quality brands, such as Rocky, Irish Setter, Keen and many different styles of work boots and shoes. Simply put, we rely on actual user’s feedback. All the safety and comfort shoes and boots Great American Comfort Shoes Inc. offers will rate a 4 or higher out of 5. For early releases, we look to early feedback and carry them if they receive positive feedback.

We MEAN IT when we say best prices. We know every penny of expense goes to the bottom line of a company’s balance sheet. Some will try and sell you a lower quality of footwear to meet your price point. We look for ways to meet your bottom line while offering you  high quality footwear. Great American Comfort Shoes Inc. wants your workers to have the BEST protection and not to sacrifice protection for cost.

We are a 100% veteran owned small business and over 51% stock owned by a minority female. We would be honored and humbled to serve your family owned business and provide your workers with safety, comfort, which in turn will provide you with a program that mitigates potential injury liability.  Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business. When you choose to work with us we will work diligently to see to it that your organizational needs are exceeded.