Rocky C4T - Military Inspired Duty Boot

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Rocky® C4T Military-Inspired Duty Boot is an extremely light performance boot "” just 15 ounces "” that's designed for rigorous work. The boot's lightweight EVA/rubber outsole resists anything you can throw at it: slips, oils, heat, abrasions, chemicals and metal chips. Helping you focus on your duty, these are water-resistant and fast-drying black boots. Ventilation holes on the outer sides promote breathability. You have work to do and can't be distracted by wet boots. The Rocky C4T keeps up. These also are comfortable duty boots. The Rocky Air-Port™ Cushion Footbed is molded from durable PU that will never break down or lose its shape. This footbed circulates air with every step. Lacing may seem minor to some, but it's important when your day consists of tough duty. There's no time to waste and long-lasting laces are a must, so Rocky designed this duty boot with speed eyelets and NATO hooks through which LEO's will pull their 550 cord laces. These boots have a dual-performance material upper with a polishable toe section. The Rocky C4T allows you to move light-footed while providing outstanding support.